Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

  Pressure Cleaning & House Washing Gold Coast 

‘I achieve results with Exterior House Washing which often avoids the need to repaint the Surfaces’

With a High Pressure Clean or a Low Pressure Foaming Wash 

Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast   

  Pressure Cleaning on the Gold Coast for 20 Years

I can High Pressure Clean your Dirty Surfaces from 100 to 5500 PSI with a 27 HSP Petrol Pressure Cleaner.

Or Low Pressure Wash with a Hydro Foamer mixing detergent, chlorine and water together. 

The Equipment I use is very versatile and with extensive experience in all aspects of Pressure Cleaning and House Washing on the Gold Coast:

I can offer you a Quality Cleaning Service whether it be very High Pressure Clean of 5000 PSI to remove Lichen, Mould & Stains off a Roof, Wall or Driveway.

Or a Low Pressure Wash of 100 to 2000 PSI with Detergent – Chlorine mix to remove Stains from Delicate Painted Surfaces, Eaves, Window Surrounds, Security Screens and Awnings.  

On The Gold Coast over the last 20 Years I have Pressure Cleaned many Homes in preparation for Sale or Rental and have extensive experience in Washing down Roofs, Gutters, Eaves, Granosite Walls, Driveways, Paths, the underside of Awnings, Window Surrounds and Pergolas. 


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Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast and Hinterland 


   High Pressure Clean Your Gold Coast Home or Business

 Pressure Cleaning of Driveways & Car Parking Areas

 Pressure Cleaning of Verandas & Awnings

 Pressure Cleaning of Patios and Paths

 Pressure Cleaning of Pool Surrounds

 Pressure Cleaning of Brick & Rendered Walls

 Pressure Cleaning of Roofs & Gutters

 Pressure Cleaning of Mud Nests on Walls

Pressure Cleaning & House Washing Gold Coast

Just completed – Large Stone Driveway cleaned with 5500 PSI Pressure Cleaner & Rotary Whirlaway

Low Pressure Clean with Detergent / Chlorine Wash your Gold Coast Home or Business

 Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Eaves, Fascias & Gutters

 Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Rendered Walls and Granosite

 Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Awnings, Blinds and Pergolas

 Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Doors & Window Surrounds

 Low Pressure Cleaning of Exterior Window Screens & Security Screens

Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Exterior veranda balustrades

Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Outdoor Furniture and Tables

Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Water Stains, Mould and Mildew Stains

 Low Pressure Cleaning or Washing of Cobweb Staining & Insect Nests

House Washing Gold Coast

A Pergola which has been Low Pressure Washed to remove all mould & staining

Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning   

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  Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

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    Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast