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I have been the Owner and Operator of  Crystal Clear Windows on the Gold Coast since 1995. 

I have extensive experience in the Window Cleaning Industry and over that time I have been able to formulate many creative ways to solve the many cleaning needs and challenges of my Clients.

During this time I have also Owned and Operated Gold Coast Roof and Gutter Cleaning and Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning.

I look forward to bringing my expertise and services to you, please contact me to discuss your Cleaning requirements on the Gold Coast. 


Guy Waldron

M : 0412 222 393

P :  0755 331 322

E :

A : 100/10 Albert Ave, Broadbeach 4218, Qld

The Equipment used in my Cleaning Services on the Gold Coast.

A 14 & 26 ft Extension Ladder, numbers of extension polls up to 60 ft and pure demineralised water for high reach Window Cleaning Work.

I use 2 Vacuum / Blowers for Gutter Cleaning, a foaming spray gun for Exterior Soft House Washing and up to 5500 psi High Pressure cleaner for hard surface cleaning eg Driveways & Roofs.

Window Cleaner Gold Coast

Just completed – Driveway Pressure Cleaned, External House Wash and Window Cleaning inside & out

How far will you travel to on the Gold Coast to do my Windows?

I service the Greater Gold Coast Region and Hinterland. This includes the Tweed Coast to Logan including the Gold Coast Hinterland (Tambourine Mountain, Beechmont and Springbrook)

What assurance can you give me of doing a satisfactory job for us?   

I offer a satisfaction guarantee for all the work I do. I will invite you to look over the job when I am finished before paying me. I have been Windows Cleaning on the Gold Coast for 20 years and do my work to the highest standards. As I am the owner and Sole Operator of Crystal Clear Windows I can offer you a consistent, trustworthy and quality service.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes I have Public Liability Insurance with QBE Policy number 04A871678BPK.

How will you clean my Windows and Screens?

I hose down the outside of the window surrounds including the windows, screens and sills . During the wash down I wash the fly screens and clean the window surrounds of cobwebs and dirt. I then clean the inside windows and wipe over the window frame and sill removing any drips or dirt. I finally clean the outside windows. I use a squeegee on both inside and outside windows.

Why do you hose down the outside windows surrounds if you are going to squeegee them?

The outside appearance of your home is increased by having dirt free window surrounds, frames and sills that have been washed of Gecko poo, dust and staining. It generally takes me another 10 minutes to hose the outside of your house however it is good practice to hose fly screens rather than just wipe over them. Additionally I can quickly hose out your window and door runners at the same time. When required I can give your eaves and walls a hose at the same time for a small additional cost.

My fly screens are very dirty and some of which are security screens. How will you clean my security screens and the outside window behind these?  

With very dirty Fly screens and particularly with hard to clean Security Screens, I wash them with a low pressure foaming wash consisting of detergent and bleach through the outside tap pressure. Bleach and detergent mixed to about 15 to 1 is very effective in removing cobwebs and old dirt from fly screens. Where there are security screens, I lift the window out on the inside and carefully place the window on a towel cleaning the outside surface of the window.

Do you clean the window tracks or runners and frames?

I ask each of my clients before starting the job what is required .If you would like the tracks cleaned, I clean the tracks and runners after cleaning the inside of each window. I use a tool placed in the runner with a cloth on it to remove the dirt. With the inside window frames I clean them before squeegeeing the window. The outside tracks and runners I clean when hosing the outside windows.

I have very high internal windows in my house, how will you clean them?

l have multiple ladders, poles and water fed poles; therefore, no job is too difficult or too high. Whether I use an extension ladder or a pole to reach high places I will always find a way to clean those difficult places.

As part of your service can you wash the exterior of my house?

Yes, I am both a Window Cleaner and Pressure Cleaner. Sometimes the exterior of a house will need a Pressure Clean, Low Pressure Wash or just a good hose down.It depends on the surfaces to be cleaned; I will advise you what I recommend and the cost of cleaning the outside of the house when first quoting your job.

I have Louvers and French style windows can you clean these?

Yes I do clean Louvers, Colonial and French style windows and skylights. I clean Colonial and French style windows with a small squeegee and louvers with a spray and wipe method.

How do I keep my Windows and Exterior Property cleaner for longer on the Gold Coast?

A check list of things which you can do to keep your Gold Coast property looking good

  Every 3 months hose the exterior of dwelling, including, windows,screens, eaves and walls.This prevents the buildup of dust, dirt and cobwebs, which gives rise to mould and straining on windows and walls etc. A built-up of dirt on windows, rendered walls, eaves and surfaces in humid summer weather will give rise to mould and staining quickly.

  Purchase a squeegee as it is the easiest way for you to clean your windows, mirrors and glass tables.You can spot clean windows easily with a squeegee.

  By having your Windows Cleaning and External House Washing done regularly at least twice a year on the Gold Coast, will keep your Home looking great.


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